I have to say these hair products are by far the closest to cosmetic heaven I've reached thus far in life and I have most certainly been through a lot of different product. Hair Rocks Site not only gave me choice in cosmetics and superb hair care products, but also introduced me to what I now proudly claim as my signature scent. I haven't encountered a luncheon or shopping trip where no one has asked what perfume I use.

Sarah White

I love your this product! I was introduced to it through Hair Rocks. I have very thick, curly, long hair, and I find that your moisturizing products make it so easy to comb through when it's wet. I'm amazed! Would it be possible to obtain a sample to introduce my hairdresser to this amazing product? Yours are far superior. I'd be happy to provide more info on her salon (or in general) if you require it. Thanks for being awesome!!

Andrea Jones

So I'm a dude who's always had a lot of hair, but it was incredibly stiff/unmanageable. I tried moving around between whatever shampoos/conditioners that were available from local stores, but never found anything good, and in the process ended up getting scalp buildup and such. Then after scouring the internet for a while, I heard about your product line, and based on all the reviews, figured, "Eh, why not give it a try?" Anyway, long story short, I've found the shampoo I want to use forever. Scalp grossness disappeared, my hair was soft, silky, and incredibly manageable. I mean to the point where I can get away without using any product most days.

Paul Hillman